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Lincolnshire may have few hills and low rainfall, but it's not flat and dry, if you know what I mean. There's lots to see and do in the county if you know where to look.

Devolution Consultation Launches       

Devolution Consultation Launches

People of Lincolnshire are being asked to comment on plans to create a Greater Lincolnshire authority with an elected mayor.
July 2016
Cut Crime Not Lights       

Cut Crime Not Lights

County and district councils plan to cut lights in order to save money. Local police gave their reaction.
March 2016
More Austerity For LCC       

More Austerity For LCC

Huge cuts are coming to local government. Council leader Martin Hill faced residents unhappy about what the Tory local government settlement might mean for them.
January 2016
LCC Denies Libraries Any Crumbs       

LCC Denies Libraries Any Crumbs

In spite of having several million pounds in reserve, the county council reject a motion to restore the library service to the way it was.
September 2014
Library Campaigners Take The Message To Downing Street       

Library Campaigners Take The Message To Downing Street

Save Lincolnshire Libraries campaigners met MPs to lobby against the massive cuts LCC want to impose on the library budget.
April 2014
How Lincolnshire County Councillors Voted On Their Pay Rise       

How Lincolnshire County Councillors Voted On Their Pay Rise

Which Lincolnshire county councillors voted to give themselves a pay increase, whilst librarians are being laid off and the council faces tough budget constraints?
February 2014
County Councillors Freeze Tax But Vote Themselves A Pay Rise       

County Councillors Freeze Tax But Vote Themselves A Pay Rise

In this age of austerity bingo, only those who make the rules are likely to hit the jackpot.
February 2014
Evidence Of Shocking Cluelessness At LCC       

Evidence Of Shocking Cluelessness At LCC

At long last LCC have told me everything they know about their library support services spending. That's the good news.
February 2014
Anti-Racism Demonstrators March In Lincoln       

Anti-Racism Demonstrators March In Lincoln

Two rallies took place. One was considerably more coherent than the other.
January 2014
New Library Proposals       

New Library Proposals

The county council meet to deliberate on the future of Lincolnshire libraries. The forecast is for heavy rant.
November 2013

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A horse sanctuary located in Bransby near Saxilby. There are details of the horses, and information about the adoption and fostering schemes and how people can help.

Doris Banham Sanctuary
A charity dedicated to saving dogs and preventing abandoned dogs from being destroyed. There are details of the charity's work and why it was set up, and information about dogs looking for new homes.

Lincolnshire Police
Official website of the Lincolnshire police force. It includes news, information about crime prevention and the force's performance, and details of vacancies.

Lincs Inter Connect
This organisation provides a range of services concerning bus transport within Lincolnshire. There is information about the services provided, transport operators, timetables, and news.

The Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home
A charity caring for abandoned animals such as dogs, cats, small pets, and even horses. It also runs boarding kennels. Includes information about animal adoption and fundraising events.

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Hands Up Those Who Like It
Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre, Victoria Road , Louth2pm
A play written, produced and directed by Moya Rooke. Until 27th April.

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Frank Sinatra - His Way
Louth Playgoers Riverhead Theatre, Victoria Road , Louth7.30pm
The songs and life of Frank Sinatra, presented by Robert Habermann.

April 28

Louth XSports Race Night
My Fathers Moustache, North Holme Road , Louth8pm
In aid of the Skate Park.

April 29

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