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Rand Farm Park




outdoor play area

Rand Farm Park is located just off the A158 near Wragby, on your left if you're travelling east from Lincoln. This is an attraction based around a working farm, with an emphasis on opportunities to get up close and touch some of the farm animals.

It features the usual farm animals such as cows, goats, donkeys, pigs and chickens. There's a hatchery and a separate barn for fowl, both your ordinary chickens and some rarer species. The farm also includes a lot of animals traditionally kept as pets, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and chinchillas. Some of these may be on sale.

There are plenty of play areas, both outdoor an inside, so whatever the weather there's something to do here. The outdoor play area is quite large, and both outside and in the play facilities are divided up into areas that are suitable for different age groups. There's a small area for go-karting, but if you visit during peak season you may have to queue for a long time for these.

Rand Farm Park doesn't excel in catering for adults. There isn't a great deal in the way of detailed information about the various animals, nor are there any activities geared to older visitors. This means there's probably not much point in bringing along any more adult supervision than you need.

There are some demonstrations on offer, such as milking, shearing or lambing, but some of these are seasonal and if you don't time things just right it's easy to miss most or all of them. If you do miss the demonstrations it's easily possible to take in everything at this attraction within an hour, or an hour and a half if you stop to eat.

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