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Lost In Louth Signs Go Up

December 8th 2007

One of the new Lost in Louth signs  

One of the new Lost in Louth signs  

Rupert Clamp's art project for the Gatherums and Springside was unveiled on Sunday the 8th of December. To celebrate the unveiling there was a hog roast which took place in a marquee in Springside.

The art project involves a number of signs, originally intended to be 13, positioned around Louth, all of which point to Springside. The text for the signs was taken from the directions that local people gave to the artist when he pretended to be "Lost in Louth".

On the day only 11 of the plaques, which are blue and white to mimic the heritage plaques, were erected. One that was due to be put up in New Street was not erected due to a failure to obtain planning permission in time.

As well as a hog roast, the tent featured a display of some of the photographs that people took from around Louth. These were taken by people who took part in a workshop that formed part of the project.

Maps, leaflets and reusable shopping bags were distributed to promote Lost in Louth.

Lost in Louth is partially funded by Lincolnshire Creative Solutions Initiative.

The hog roast

Sign Locations

  • New Market Hall entrance off Rosemary Lane
  • New Street (permission not yet granted)
  • Broadbank near the museum
  • Northgate car park
  • Eastgate car park
  • Burnt Hill Lane
  • Queen Street car park
  • The Gatherums entrance off Church Street
  • The Gatherums entrance off Queen Street car park *
  • The Gatherums entrance off Spring Gardens
  • Aswell Street, at the cobbled passage leading to the Gatherums
  • Kidgate car park

* This sign has been taken down for cleaning due to vandalism.

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