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Louth Town Quiz

How much do you know about Louth, its people and its history? Test yourself with this quiz.
St James from Bridge Street  

1. Who attended Monks Dyke High School and KEVIS before reaching the top 10 in the singles charts with "Breakout" in 1986?

Barbara Dickson
Corinne Drewery
Siobhan Fahey

2. Who wrote "A History Of Louth", published in 2007?

David Robinson
Jeffrey Archer
Richard Gurnham

3. What is the name given to the people of Louth?


4. Where was the (now demolished) LinPac factory?

High Holme Road
Newbridge Hill
Ramsgate Road

5. If you are standing in The Cornmarket, which direction is Spout Yard?


6. When was Louth's biggest flood of the 20th century?


7. Alfred Lord Tennyson spent some of his schooldays in Louth. But where was he born?


8. Why was Hubbard's Hills closed to the public during 2001?

Due to foot and mouth disease
It was flooded
The council could not afford to maintain it

9. Why was the Vicar of St James for 1536 unable to preach there in April 1537?

He had died of the plague
He had sailed to America
He had been hung, drawn and quartered at Tyburn for his part in the Lincolnshire Rising

10. What is the Louth Bypass known more prosaically as?

The A16
The A631
The B1200

11. Who created the sculpture outside Kidgate School called Solution?

Les Bicknell and Laurence Edwards
Rupert Clamp
Theodore Gillick

12. Which town is Louth twinned with?

Königswinter, Germany
La Ferté Bernard, France
Speyer, Germany

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