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More Pictures of Flooding

June 25th and 26th 2007

Westgate Fields under water

The floods of 25th June left a swathe of destruction across the town. Here are some more pictures of the carnage.

At the top of the page you can see Westgate Fields.

Westgate Fields flooding
The next picture was taken towards the middle of Westgate Fields, around about the place where the rhubarb grows. What may not be clear from the image is that the large tree on the left hand side of the photo had come down.

Hubbards Hills
These three young men (pictured left) decided to have a paddle in the murky water, ignoring any risk of hypothermia, drowning and raw sewage. Not recommended.

At this time most of the low-lying ground in Hubbards Hills was under water: the top of the railing over the stepping stones is visible in the foreground.

Residents have been using sandbags on the properties most at risk.

This image on the left was taken at Riverhead on the 26th of June, after much of the flooding had subsided. It looks as though almost an entire brick wall was carried off by the river and deposited here, as well as somebody's wheelie bin. In fact, a wall did collapse beside the Co-operative supermarket (which also lost a great deal of its stock during the flooding), so that may not be too far from the truth.

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