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Sarah Stocks of the Fighting For Life Lincolnshire group

Sarah Stocks of Fighting For Life Lincolnshire spoke about nursing and why the NHS matters.

September 2 2017

Chloe Jackson, David Hall and Paul Sharp

Chloe Jackson, David Hall and Paul Sharp after the march to keep Louth Hospital open.

September 2 2017

Frank Slater

Frank Slater read out a poem at the NHS Uprising.

September 2 2017

A Save Louth Livestock Market poster

Save Louth Livestock Market posters have appeared in shops around the town.

August 12 2017

The interior of Louth Livestock Market

The interior of Louth Livestock Market.

August 10 2017

The sheep pens at Louth Livestock Market

The empty sheep pens at Louth Livestock Market after trading has finished for the day.

August 10 2017

Louth Cattle Market

A consultation about the future of Louth Cattle Market launched in July 2017.

August 5 2017

Louth Cattle Market

The livestock market deals in cattle and sheep.

August 5 2017

Boars Head

The Boars Head, part of the cattle market site, closed in 2015.

August 5 2017

2017 Bike night on Mercer Row

Motorbike enthusiasts drove a variety of bikes to Louth for the fifth annual Bike Night.

June 29 2017


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