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A leaf sculpture in Westgate Fields

Detail of the condition of one of the leaf sculptures at Westgate Fields.

June 15 2021

A leaf sculpture in Westgate Fields

This leaf sculpture is surrounded by overgrown vegetation.

June 15 2021

Ros Jackson and Lynne Cooney on Broadley Crescent

Ros Jackson and Lynne Cooney, launching a petition to get Abbey Road, Park Avenue and Broadley Crescent properly resurfaced.

June 11 2021

Railway Walk

Railway Walk in the Spring sunshine.

May 18 2021

A public footpath sign on Stewton Lane

The hedges bloom with Spring flowers near to this public footpath off Stewton Lane.

April 13 2021

Stewton Lane in Spring.

Stewton Lane in Spring.

April 13 2021

Stewton Lane in Spring.

Stewton Lane on a sunny Spring day.

April 13 2021

Signs announce a road closure on non-market days

Signs at the Cornmarket announce a road closure on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays until 30th September, to allow outdoor seating for cafes.

April 12 2021

Springside in the snow

A light dusting of snow over Springside.

February 9 2021

The Louth Canal

A view of the Louth Canal in early February.

February 4 2021


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