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An ideas board about reducing plastic pollution

Low Carbon Louth created a display with ideas for reducing plastic pollution as part of a campaigning event to improve the marine environment.

June 16 2018

A planter on Kidgate

The Louth Mens Shed built planter covers for the two planters on Kidgate.

May 18 2018

A planter on Kidgate

One of the Kidgate planters with a surround built by The Louth Mens Shed.

May 18 2018

High water at the lock.

Heavy rain caused the water level of the canal to rise on 2nd April.

April 2 2018

St James Church Lit Up Red

St James Church was lit up red to raise awareness of mental health issues.

January 6 2018

Ros Jackson handing in a petition

Handing in the petition to resurface St Bernards Avenue to the County Council at their offices in Lincoln.

November 30 2017

Ellen Wright and Phyll Smith with a banner at the NHS Uprising in Louth

Ellen Wright holds a banner in support of Louth Hospital before the NHS Uprising march.

September 2 2017

A banner created for the NHS Uprising in Louth

Jayne Cooper created this banner for the NHS Uprising.

September 2 2017

A crowd in Westgate Fields in support of Louth Hospital

Some of the crowd that assembled before the march through Louth in support of County Hospital Louth.

September 2 2017

Peter Hill supporting Louth Hospital

The Iconic Arty Pole, aka Peter Hill, says no to hospital service cuts at the NHS Uprising.

September 2 2017


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