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Signs announce a road closure on non-market days

Signs at the Cornmarket announce a road closure on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays until 30th September, to allow outdoor seating for cafes.

April 12 2021

Springside in the snow

A light dusting of snow over Springside.

February 9 2021

The Louth Canal

A view of the Louth Canal in early February.

February 4 2021

Signs advising of the closure of the footpath by Louth Canal

The footpath beside Louth Canal is closed for surface water repairs during February 2021.

February 4 2021

A view of reeds at the attenuation pond next to Eastfield Road.

Reeds on the attenuation pond beside Ticklepenny Drive and Eastfield Road.

February 4 2021

The Christmas tree in Louth Market Place

The Christmas tree in Louth Market Place.

December 4 2020

Part of the Hope and Light display

A detail from the Hope and Light display at a shop in Mercer Row.

December 4 2020

The war memorial

The war memorial was decorated for Remembrance Sunday, but Covid restrictions meant the cancellation of the usual ceremony.

November 7 2020

A sign saying Wash Hands, Cover Face, Make Space.

The district council has put up signs around Louth urging people to wash their hands, wear a face covering, and make space.

October 31 2020

A sign asking for no more donations because they are full up

Charity shops in Louth need to restrict donations due to a glut after the lockdown closures. This sign asking for no more donations was placed at Oxfam in the town centre.

August 14 2020


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