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An empty bread aisle in a Louth supermarket

Shops and supermarkets experience shortages as shoppers stock up for the apocalypse. This is an empty bread aisle in the Co-op.

March 19 2020

A limit of two items in the Co-op.

Supermarkets limit the number of items people can buy of each line, in response to panic buying.

March 19 2020

A notice at the Playhouse Cinema.

The Playhouse Cinema in Cannon Street announces its indefinite closure from 17th March.

March 19 2020

A notice at Cobbles and Bar Castillejar.

Cobbles and Bar Castillejar post a notice about the effect Covid-19 is having on what they do.

March 19 2020

A Coronavirus sign advising those affected not to come to the dentists

A sign at a dentists in Louth advises those with Covid-19 symptoms, or who have had contact with somebody with Coronavirus, or who has been to an affected place, not to enter.

March 13 2020

Bleach and cleaning products sold out as a result of panic buying

Supplies of bleach and other cleaning products are low in Louth shops in response to fears over Covid-19.

March 13 2020

A shelf of hand sanitiser sold out at Wilkos.

Wilko rations hand sanitiser to six items per person to deal with demand in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

March 13 2020

Empty hand sanitiser shelves

An empty hand sanitiser shelf at the Co-op in Northgate, as stocks run low due to concerns over Covid-19.

March 7 2020

Empty hand sanitiser shelves

An empty hand sanitiser shelf at Morrisons in Louth, as a result of fears over coronavirus.

March 7 2020

A new spring on Bridge Street

A spring has emerged at the Bridge Street car park, flowing through the tarmac and the nearby wall. The water flow has made the tarmac unstable and spongy.

January 3 2020


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