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A new spring on Bridge Street

A spring has emerged at the Bridge Street car park, flowing through the tarmac and the nearby wall. The water flow has made the tarmac unstable and spongy.

January 3 2020

Louth Christmas Tree

Red baubles gave the Christmas tree in Louth Market Place a festive look.

December 1 2019

A Christmas display

This festive display featured in one of the planters in the Market Place.

December 1 2019

One of the climbing walls at Ascend Climbing Gym

Ascend Climbing Gym is a new bouldering centre that opened on North Holme Road in November 2019.

November 22 2019

A poppy display in the Market Place.

Local Brownies helped to create this display for Remembrance Day.

November 22 2019

A hedgehog with ticks

A hedgehog with a tick infestation, seen in Louth.

August 7 2019

Flowers by the War Memorial

The War Memorial on Ramsgate is enhanced by a floral display.

July 31 2019

St Bernards Avenue

St Bernards Avenue has been resurfaced with a new type of experimental surface that it is hoped will last a long time.

July 29 2019

Outside In play at the Louth Food Festival

Outside In performed rock music in the market place during the Louth Food Festival.

July 28 2019

Sing Out Louth Choir at the Louth Food Festival

Sing Out Louth Choir entertained visitors to the Louth Food Festival.

July 28 2019


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