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A sign asking for no more donations because they are full up

Charity shops in Louth need to restrict donations due to a glut after the lockdown closures. This sign asking for no more donations was placed at Oxfam in the town centre.

August 14 2020

Louth Cemetery

A view of Louth Cemetery before the morning mist lifts.

August 13 2020

A sticker saying Shop Local, Stay Safe, Be Kind

The council placed stickers on pavements around Louth urging people to shop locally.

July 31 2020

A field at the back of Tennyson Fields.

Plans have been submitted to the council for 141 homes on this field behind the Tennyson Fields estate on the east side of Louth.

July 17 2020

Fly tipped clothing near donation bins

Fly tipped clothing piles up near donation bins which are not being emptied due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

April 18 2020

Bottles piled up around a bottle bank

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a trip to the bottle bank is not considered an essential trip.

April 18 2020

Fly tipped donations next to a sign asking for no fly tipping.

Fly tipped donations pile up outside the British Heart Foundation, next to a sign requesting No Fly Tipping.

April 18 2020

A discarded blue glove on the ground

The coronavirus lockdown has led to less general litter, but more instances of discarded protective kit such as this blue disposable glove.

April 11 2020

An empty bread aisle in a Louth supermarket

Shops and supermarkets experience shortages as shoppers stock up for the apocalypse. This is an empty bread aisle in the Co-op.

March 19 2020

A limit of two items in the Co-op.

Supermarkets limit the number of items people can buy of each line, in response to panic buying.

March 19 2020


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