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Proposal to turn Louth Swimming Pool into a Skate Park Multiplex

February 20th 2010

The Old Swimming Pool Boarded Up
Louth Swimming Pool is to be offered for sale, and community groups have until Friday, February 26th to register their interest in order to benefit from this. As the deadline approached a group of people held a demonstration at the site to highlight their proposal. They want to see the site developed for the benefit of young people, incorporating a skate park, roller skating rink, and BMX track.

Plans also include a cafe, club room, common rooms, wi-fi capabilities and facilities for the use of Wii Sports and dance mats. The idea is to provide a range of free and paid activities that can be enjoyed by families and individuals of all ages.

According to Robert Gwyn, "It would be a terrible shame if the kids get pushed to the back of the queue again."

The group are rushing to form a new trust in order to put these proposals to the council. Fabian Coonghe is backing the bid, and will be one of the group's trustees. During the meeting he gathered signatures for a petition in favour of the multiplex. Petition forms are available at various places around town including Boyes, Cojos, and Yorkshire Trading.

The pool site is currently held in trust by the Louth Swimming Pool charity.

Demonstrators for a multiplex skate park

Demonstrators question the future of the
swimming pool site. Picture courtesy of
Laura Stephenson.

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