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Random Picture Quiz

This quiz changes each time you do it, and it gets harder (or at least more varied) every time new pictures are uploaded to Louth Eye.

1. Which decade were these photos taken?

The pier at Cleethorpes.
The Pahud Memorial in Hubbards Hills.
The Hubbards Hills duck pond.
The Mayor Eileen Ballard opens the revamped Louth Museum on Broadbank.
The giant crane that began the demolition of the Malt Kiln.
A window in Tattershall Castle.

2. Which year were these photos taken?

118 runners.
2015 was a year for pet owners walking for charity.
A broken basketball baseboard in the play park near Keddington Road, in need of replacement.
A BSA Bantam.
A calico wall hanging by Marje Mears.
A cushion by Diane Frankish.

3. Which building links these pictures?

[HIDDEN] is a Baptist and United Reformed church found at the junction between Eastgate and Ramsgate.

4. Where is this?

[HIDDEN] in the Spring sunshine.
A broken fence at the junction of Wood Lane and the [HIDDEN].
This bench on the [HIDDEN] is at the end of its life.

5. Which event is this?

Bev Anderson and Sheila Evans at the Cyril Turner Hall in Ludford for an [HIDDEN] by the Lindsey Patchworkers.
A piece at the Lindsey Patchworkers [HIDDEN] on the theme of a Lincolnshire scene.
A quilt at the Lindsey Patchworkers [HIDDEN] created on the theme of the Twelve Days of Christmas.


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