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Random Picture Quiz

This quiz changes each time you do it, and it gets harder (or at least more varied) every time new pictures are uploaded to Louth Eye.

1. Which decade were these photos taken?

118 runners.
118 118 runners in Upgate.
Motorbike enthusiasts drove a variety of bikes to Louth for the fifth annual Bike Night.
One of the street entertainers who provided music for late night Christmas shopping.
A balloon floats over Louth town centre.
Music played throughout the day at the Louth Christmas Market.

2. Which year were these photos taken?

Your Cat Is A Land Mine.
Yellow flowers. Photo by Rowan Hall.
Women set off on the Run For Life.
Winners of the kids Run For Life.
Winners of the 2014 Lovely Louth competition pose with the Mayor.
Wild rabbits in Hubbards Hills.

3. Which building links these pictures?

Save [HIDDEN] posters have appeared in shops around the town.
The interior of [HIDDEN].
The empty sheep pens at [HIDDEN] after trading has finished for the day.

4. Where is this?

Union Jack bunting gives [HIDDEN] a festive look.
Blossom Boutique on [HIDDEN] celebrates the Jubilee.
[HIDDEN] decorated with bunting and advertising an upcoming festival.

5. Which event is this?

John Barker, one of the Lindsey Scribes, at a display of calligraphy in Spout Yard Gallery as part of [HIDDEN].
Historical novelists Karen Maitland, Jane Sanderson and Rory Clements discussed the appeal of their genre during a [HIDDEN] event at the Trinity Centre.
David Lambert and Sara Bullimore of Cultural Solutions promote the 2011 [HIDDEN] Festival. The festival runs from the 19th to 23rd of October.

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