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Random Picture Quiz

This quiz changes each time you do it, and it gets harder (or at least more varied) every time new pictures are uploaded to Louth Eye.

1. Which decade were these photos taken?

1940s Re-enactment Weekend at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway in Ludborough
1940s Re-enactment Weekend at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway in Ludborough
A brass band played carols during Louth
A cake decorated with messages left by people who took part in The Gatherums and Springside Regeneration Group's activity day to celebrate Louth and its artworks.
A car is torched in the Gatherums.
A light covering of snow blanketed Louth, whilst schools around Lincolnshire were closed due to the weather.

2. Which year were these photos taken?

Ducks share the canal with a shopping trolley and other debris.
Excellent sledging conditions at Westgate Fields.
Ice on the River Lud.
Pianist Katherine Lam receives a bouquet at the Allegro Appassionato Christmas concert.
Snow on the trees in the Gatherums.
Stranded played a set at the Harvey Phillips Fun Day.

3. Which building links these pictures?

[HIDDEN] at night.
A plaque was unveiled on the side of [HIDDEN] in memory of Stuart Pickering on the official opening day of the X Sports Skate Park.
The Egyptian Paralympic Weightlifters at the [HIDDEN].

4. Where is this?

Vandalism at the bus station on [HIDDEN] as tiles and glass is smashed.
Lidl propose to build an outlet on the industrial estate. They displayed their plans at a public consultation at the Salvation Army on [HIDDEN].
The bus station in [HIDDEN] has been defaced.

5. Which event is this?

John Barker, one of the Lindsey Scribes, at a display of calligraphy in Spout Yard Gallery as part of [HIDDEN].
Historical novelists Karen Maitland, Jane Sanderson and Rory Clements discussed the appeal of their genre during a [HIDDEN] event at the Trinity Centre.
David Lambert and Sara Bullimore of Cultural Solutions promote the 2011 [HIDDEN] Festival. The festival runs from the 19th to 23rd of October.


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