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Random Picture Quiz

This quiz changes each time you do it, and it gets harder (or at least more varied) every time new pictures are uploaded to Louth Eye.

1. Which decade were these photos taken?

Vandalism at the bus station on Church Street as tiles and glass is smashed.
The Wave Sculpture, symbolic of local navigation history, after the Louth Lions tidied the vegetation surrounding it.
The war memorial was decorated for Remembrance Sunday, but Covid restrictions meant the cancellation of the usual ceremony.
A cloak of greenery clothes one of the Meridian sculptures near St James Church.
The park on Harveys Lane had several new trees planted. It was fenced off for construction work.
A view of the Louth Canal in early February.

2. Which year were these photos taken?

A moth on rosebay willowherb.
I spotted these toads by the side of the canal.
This tree was uprooted by strong winds during a storm.
The pier at Cleethorpes.

3. Which building links these pictures?

[HIDDEN] is a Baptist and United Reformed church found at the junction between Eastgate and Ramsgate.

4. Where is this?

A broken fence at the junction of [HIDDEN] and the Railway Walk.
The playing fields and football pitch at [HIDDEN], beside the leisure centre.
The [HIDDEN] Leisure Centre, due to open in Autumn 2009, takes shape.

5. Which event is this?

The 2011 [HIDDEN] runs from the 1st to the 10th of July.
This harpist played at a market stall to publicise the [HIDDEN].
I don


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