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Petition to Save the Springside Trees

May 30th 2006

Kate Levey presents John Hough 
with the petition

At lunchtime on Tuesday, May 30th, a crowd of Louth residents gathered in Springside to meet representatives of East Lindsey District Council. Many are unhappy about the proposals to fell mature trees in the beauty spot.

Kate Levey presented councillor John Hough with a petition of over a hundred signatures of people who are opposed to the plans. Many people have expressed worries that local birds will be adversely affected.

Semantha Neal, the head of leisure and community development at ELDC, was there to answer questions. One of the most pressing ones was why it is necessary to fell the three cherry trees on the mound.

"They are directly in the line of sight of the CCTV", Ms Neal responded.

Initially ten trees were threatened, but Ms Neal clarified that only nine are now scheduled for felling. Saplings are due to be planted in the autumn, after work is complete, equivalent to the number of trees that are removed. The point was raised that young trees are often vandalised. One resident queried whether anyone from ELDC knew the survival rate of newly planted trees.

Work begins in Springside
"I have no idea at this point in time," Ms Neal replied.

Brian Hodgkinson was enthusiastic in his condemnation of the scheme.

"I am totally disgusted that the ELDC are going to take down these trees," he said. "Not in my lifetime. ... I am quite prepared to strap myself to a tree."

The protest passed off peacefully, although police were on hand to subdue anyone who looked like starting a riot.

A crowd gathers to protest
Ms Neal announced that a public meeting will take place in the town hall at 5:30 pm on Wednesday 31st May, for people to air their concerns.

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