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Urban Explorers Target Local Derelict Buildings

October 9th 2008

The ABM building

Warning signs on the ABM building

So-called urban explorers have been targeting derelict buildings in the Louth area. Urban exploration involves trespassing on areas that are closed off due to disuse, and taking photographs and videos as a record.

This activity has been popularised by forums such as 28 Days Later and Broken Britain, where some members have posted photos of their activities in Lincolnshire. This includes reports of explorations of the ABM building and Fisher's Seed Company on the industrial estate.

Members of 28 Days Later going by the nicknames of chase779 and compound eye have posted detailed photographs of the interior of local industrial buildings, at the time of writing. On Broken Britain there's another report on the ABM by someone going by the name Dr Doo. A video from inside this building was also posted to YouTube back in March 2007.

Whilst these urban explorations hold a certain fascination for historical reasons, and the explorers often show a lot of talent in photography, these activities are dangerous. The ABM building currently displays a number of yellow warning signs about its unsafe structure and the asbestos inside it.

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