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2008 Christmas Craft Market

December 7th 2008

Carol singers
Louth Search Dogs
Thanks to crisp, dry weather the 2008 Louth Christmas Craft Market was a great success. Stalls extended beyond Mercer Row and the Cornmarket, and into the car park behind the town hall.

There were stalls from many local and national charities and groups, including Louth and District Lions Club, Louth Rotary Club, Louth Search Dogs (pictured top right), Louth Friends of St. Andrew's Children's Hospice, 1228 Squadron Air Cadets, The Retired Greyhound Trust, Lincoln and Lindsey Blind Society, and Louth Navigation Trust.

As usual the fire service brought along their traditional red engine, beside their stall promoting fire safety. The police and St. John's Ambulance also had a very visible presence.

Fire engine
Shawn of Southbase
Carol singers sung traditional Christmas songs at midday. This was followed by more modern music from the popular local duo Southbase, who had the crowd waving their arms and singing along.

In costume for the day were members of the Playgoers', who were promoting Snow White. The panto will be staged in January at the Riverhead Theatre, from a script by John Morley.

Spout Yard Park will be hosting Carols in The Park on Monday, 22nd December, and people dressed in nativity costumes in order to publicise this event. And of course the most appropriately dresses of all was Santa Claus, who arrived on a sleigh in the afternoon to greet crowds of enthusiastic children.

The mayor
Panto dame and Buttons

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